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Maldives review 2024


Yesterday, we returned from a wonderful, unforgettable holiday in the Maldives. After an extensive search to choose the right local islands for us, we followed your recommendations and went to Fulhadhoo and Maalhos islands. We were a group of 6 adults and 6 children, and our priority was to find the most beautiful beach with few people and great snorkeling.

maldives review 2024

We were in awe of Fulhadhoo Island throughout our stay. It boasted a wonderful long, clean beach with coral reefs on one side and fine, white sand on the other. An added bonus was the untouched jungle that we walked through every day on our way to the beach. There was plenty of room for everyone, both in the shade of the mangroves and in the sun. At the end of the sandy promontory, beautiful sand dunes became visible in the evening; we spent every sunset here, immersed in the warm water. We diversified our stay with a wedding on a beautiful beach—a couple from our group decided to say “yes” in the Maldives. It was an unforgettable experience, and they took care of us royally. We had a beautiful wedding reception on the beach at sunset. We went on trips to look for turtles and manta rays, and snorkeled around the coral nursery on the beach with hundreds of colorful fish. We stayed in a simple guesthouse with a great host named Simba, who did everything to make us feel welcome on the island and in the guesthouse. We spent 5 wonderful days here.

We then moved to the island of Maalhos for more snorkeling. The coral reef stretched along the beach, where we also saw a turtle, an eagle, and a small shark. It felt like swimming in an aquarium; our heads were under water for days. Although the beach could not compare to Fulhadhoo, the care in the guesthouse, provided by Toriq and the cook, balanced it out. They prepared a very tasty dinner on the beach with a cake for our friend’s 50th birthday.

birthday in maldives

It was nice to have Lucka on WhatsApp. During the entire stay, she was interested in how we were doing and arranged transfers. We didn’t have a single problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of our entire group for a wonderful vacation, great communication, and help in choosing islands and organizing events.

I definitely recommend everyone to go to the Maldives.


Petra a Stefan

A holiday in the Maldives was a dream come true. We were going to the Maldives for the first time, so we contacted the Maldives-cheap agency to choose the islands and book accommodation. The requirements were beautiful turquoise beaches and good food. The selection of islands completely exceeded our expectations. We were recommended the islands of Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo.

The most challenging for us was the speedboat trip from the airport to the first island of Fulhadhoo, which took two hours and was not pleasant in big waves. However, the initial inconvenience was outweighed by the beauty of the island. The guesthouse had delicious food every day, the room was clean, and the beaches were something incredible. We were on holiday in August and at the nearest bikini beach we were almost always alone, with a maximum of two other people. The large bikini beach located at the end of the island absolutely took our breath away. Unreal colors and far and wide nobody. From the trips, we chose snorkeling with manta rays, which was a wonderful experience. The cherry on top of the holiday cake was our engagement dinner on the beach, which was perfectly prepared by the friendly staff of the guesthouse.

Next, we moved to the island of Fehendhoo, which is nearby. Here, upon arrival, we felt like we were in another world. The friendly host Ana welcomed us and introduced us to the island. We were the only tourists on the entire island, otherwise only about 60 locals live here. We felt like we were on our honeymoon. They took great care of us here, there was an extremely large amount of food, but it was delicious, local specialties were prepared every day. The beach was not as beautiful as on Fulhadhoo, but we were always the only ones here, which added charm to the stay. The trip was recommended to us for snorkeling in the coral garden “Rose Garden” and it was a beautiful experience. On the last evening, the guest house prepared a surprise dinner for us on the beach.

We were satisfied with the communication with the agency and were pleasantly surprised by the price for which you can go to the Maldives.

Thank you

Karolina and Michal

We would like to thank you for an incredible experience in the Maldives. It has been our lifelong dream to arrive in the Maldives. We saw a lot of photos on Instagram and couldn’t believe that such a paradise on earth really exists. It met our expectations in the guesthouse on Omadhoo, they had excellent food and if it was necessary to adjust the diet even during the vacation, they adjusted everything for us.

We are sure that this is not the last time we are in the Maldives. We would like to thank you for organizing our trip, it was a wonderful experience that we will remember for a long time.

Karoline and her family

We spend a week at Beach Heaven on the wonderfull Island of Huraa, and we loved every second. The owner Mustafa, the hostess Natacha and the staff did everything to make us feel welcome and enjoy our stay. They made special trips to nearby Islands and sandbank just for us, since our kids could not stay out in the sun all day. On our visit to sandbank the staff was around the whole time with a parasol to insure our kids was not exposed to the sun. The owner Mustafa even offered to cook special food for our Kids. The staff was always around to help and play with our kids. Natacha who speak an excellent english, was always around if we needed help or had questions or just wanted to chat. The locals on Huraa are very friendly and smiling.

 Pro: Everything :) 

 Cons: The food was more or less the same the whole week. It was not bad and there was plenty of it. 

Judith and Agnes from Hungary

Our stay at Huraa Island was perfect, we spent one week there. Accomodation was perfect , the rooms were clean with air conditioning and really close to the Bikini  Beach. Staff are really nice and helpful. The food is good, local people are really nice.I highly recommend the activities as Shark safari, Viligili Island and snorkelling. It is an amazing Island and safe.


Honza R. from CZ

We were looking for an exotic destination facilities (food, accommodation, guides), but not uniform resort where you can not tell whether you are in Egypt, the Maldives or in Bulgaria … and we found it. And not only that: friendly and dedicated staff, excellent local food, endless white beaches and coral reefs with thousands of fish. A large number of trips where every where we were worth it. I can recommend Sunset fishing: sparkling plankton, unforgettable expression of the guides when your girlfriend catch meter long shark, snorkeling with turtles or near the coral reef. Beautiful was also Vilingili island, where we enjoyed besides wedding also beach volleyball and barbecue. We would like to highlight your professional and friendly approch, accuracy of all manuals and promotional materials, the opportunity to meet with local people outside the resort (where we enjoyed a beautiful day, but it reassured us that much more interesting and truer is the local island visit), beautiful fauna, great and very flexible program and a wide range of affordable trips, admirable approach of Mustahafa and his team and providing services on the day of departure. The weather was great, even though the weather forecast looked horrible, it rained only about 3 times, and for a short time. Certainly we would love to return.

Bruno F. from Portugal

Our stay was perfect, Musthafa it is so nice and friendly and try to help us all the time, the island it is very beautiful and you can enjoy a lot of activities, i could stay one year there lol…

Ivana A. from CZ

Big thanks goes to Mustafa and his staff for our great family holidays we have spent on Huraa Island  in March. Everything turned out to be perfect, starting from the trip organization, cleanliness of the room being completed by  beautiful weather and all the beauties of the sea. I have never see so many different shades of blue. If anyone wishes to have relaxing, stress free holidays than staying in Mustafa Guesthouse is the right place to be. Our highlight was snorkelling with turtles and mantas. Experience we will never forget. We were very satisfied and can recommend the trip to all sea and hot weather lovers.

Andrea B. from CZ

My friend and me decided to go for a short vacation, somewhere we can chill and relax. We decided to go to Maledives. We spent one week on Huraa Island. We were accommodated at Mustafa’s place. The staff and the owner were really nice, friendly and also helpful. The rooms are clean and the kitchen – food is very delicious! The beach is very close to accommodation. Furthermore, Mustafa offers variety of activities. We did snorkeling with the turtles, we had one day trip to Villingili island and also we spent one day in the resort. The price is very affordable for the food and drinks included in the resort. Overall I was very delighted to be there, I can highly recommend this place!

Petra Š. from CZ

Thanks to the owner and his wonderful staff we felt on Maldives like in paradise. We were with my mother 9 nights accommodation in one of the beautiful rooms in the guest house. Guest house is located near the beautiful beaches. The rooms are clean with air conditioning, the staff is very a respectable, helpful and friendly. The kitchen was healthy and tasty. The owner was very helpful, organized for us unforgettably beautiful hikes – there were taken care of us with the greatest care. Simply, amazing and safe place to rest. I highly recommend everyone.

Thanks for the memories that will stay with us forever!

Jan P. from CZ

We (me and my girlfriend) have spent one week on Huraa island in Mustafa guesthouse. The location is quite convenient (70 minutes by the ferry from Male). I enjoyed that the guesthouse is located on the island where the local people lives (so it’s not really the hotel resort), there is plenty of snorkeling spots near the seaside and the food was great. There is numerous amount of trips that we made (few islands visited, snorkeling on a different spots, etc.) and all of them were remarkable. Personnel were nice, helpful and smiling all the time. Price for the stay was very decent compared with other offers. I was satisfied overall. Stayed November 2015, traveled as a couple

Ian P. from England

Our xmas holiday at Mustapha`s guesthouse was again a perfect experience, (this our second visit) Our daughter Anna came with us this time and she also had a great time. The food was fine and nothing too much trouble for the staff to make us feel welcome. We are planning visit number three !

Eva K. from Hungary

Musthafa and his staff are doing their best to serve all guests and fulfill their requests. Very nice welcome and wonderful trips you can choice from. I loved to see the deep coral garden and the sharks. We could see 6-7 sharks and 2 turtles during the shark trip. If you are there do not miss the dolphin watching!! I have never thought that dolphins are so friendly and lucky animals, loved them. The relax beach is best place after dinner to watch the stars under the palm trees and listening to the ocean waves. Locals are also very friendly and you feel like home from the first time. Can’t wait to go back again!

Sid M. from India

This was a budget travel for us and we had never tried the guest houses earlier. We did not expect luxurious stay but we were apprehensive about cleanliness and service before the travel. We were pleasantly surprised by service and cleanliness. We stayed here for 9 days. The rooms are clean, bathrooms are clean as well. The food is basic but is super healthy and tastes good. Lucie is a very warm person and we are really glad that we met her there. She made our stay there an absolute delight. She knows quite a bit about the island and the places around and would recommend that you go with her advice on what activities to go for during your stay. The rooms are by the local beach and the access is quite easy. There is a bikini beach too, which is about 4-5 mins walk away. At the guest house the following are available : Inflatable & plastic canoe, Two paddle boats, 2 Speed boats, Snorkeling gear. There are numerous good snorkeling spots depending on how deep you want to venture into the sea, and you will have fun snorkeling. Should you feel the need to have alcoholic drinks, you can either go to Chaya Lagoon Resort – they have a $50 per person package that includes an assortment of drinks, including beer. Or you can go to Club Med for a day pass, which is about $120-130 per person. This one includes drinks, snacks at the beach bar, lunch, canoe ride and sailboats, access to the pool and snorkeling area. All the staff at the guest house is super friendly and very courteous. We spent time going for snorkeling trips, canoeing, swimming at the bikini beach, spent a night at Chaya Lagoon and a day at Club Med. And probably the best time of our vacation was spent conversing with Lucie over coffee, meals, walks in the village. They can also organise trips to uninhabited island for watching Dolphins and sharks.. Would recommend that you plan your iternary on the first day of arrival, we did not and perhaps lost out on some things we would have wanted to add on. The room gets cleaned every day, they also changed the towels every other day. Bed-sheets were changed once during our 9 day stay, so it is all good. You would need to carry toiletries like bathing soap, shampoo, washing soap as these are not included in the room rent. Alternatively you can buy these at the village, but you may not have much of a choice available in the shops. And I almost forgot about the wifi. It’s free and it is basic. So if there are many people staying, it will be slow. We stayed in room 113, we got wifi signal inside the room as well. In the lobby area in each guest house the wifi signal is adequate. We had a super nice time, very satisfied with activities and stay there. Thank You Lucie.

Kim F. from Chattanooga

Overall my husband and I had a fun time at Huraa island guesthouse. Make sure you know the name of the guesthouse and have Mustafa’s number when arriving at the airport or you may be unlucky like us and get stuck in customs for several hours. Rooms are very basic, as was expected, but doable (you’re there for the ocean, right??). The staff is very friendly and helpful and will be even more friendly if you express your appreciation and try getting to know them…they work long hours so be kind to them. :) we were unlucky and had a few days of bad weather that kept us from being able to do any excursions so we got a bit stir crazy…finally went to club med for a day where a snorkeling trip and catamaran rides are included in the fee and we really enjoyed that. Snorkeling at the public beach you can see a ton of reef sharks and at the bikini beach you see a ton of fish…if they aren’t doing work with machinery out in the water, which makes everything murky (this only happened once). We recommend Huraa island guesthouse to anyone willing to understand it won’t be resort amenities. There is junk/trash around the island…but the locals are nice and the water is great!

Petra and Roman from CZ

We have been on Huraa island in March 2014. We decided for Maldives because it is such a nice place for holiday as we could see in magazines and thanks to my job I met Lucy from, who offered us an affordable accomodation by Mustafa. We got all neccessary info about our room, island, free time activities etc., so we were really good prepared for our trip (just the dump was for us a small shock, but we saw it only once and we could understand). After arrival to Male we were picked up by Mustafa at the airport and because of we were 2 pairs we decided to use the opportunity to go to Huraa by an amazing speedboat. Boys helped us with our luggage and before we went to our rooms we got a tasty coconut welcome drink. During the week Mustafa and his company took care about us. We never missed fresh water or coffee or tea, we never felt hungry, lokal food was great – just with fresh kari leaves we had a little problem, but we told it and they put less of them into our meals, and actually we never missed alcohol because of good mood. That time we did not have so many possibilities how to spend our free time as they can offer now, nevertheless we were never bored. Mustafa arranged everything we wanted – fishing, scuba diving, swimming with fishes, dancing night with big dinner and local people, shopping, trips to another islands… The last day we could spend in Male with free accommodation by Mustafa´s family when Mustafa´s son showed us the city etc. If you are planning a trip to some exotic place and you are not a millionare, we can really recommend Huraa Island Guesthouse, because it is a exccellent way how to make your dream come true.

Charlotte W. from Germany

Lucie did everything to make us feel welcome at the beach house. She was very accomodating about enquiries and suggestions, and we even found ourselves in impromptu local parties thanks to her! Her business partner Mustafa, who owns the guest house, is a true gem as he knows everyone and everything and can arrange individual trips that are affordable etc. Also, the food was the best local food we had! Just one thing to consider: the beach house is a nice base, but since there are no natural (bikini) beaches you will be required to travel to other islands – be prepared for some extra costs. All in all, the experience was great local standard and I’d recommend it anytime.

Stephanie G. from Malta

I booked this guesthouse for my sister and her husband. Here’s what she had to say about it: “Amazing 3 days on Huraa Island in Maldives! Would definitely recommend! Mustafa and all his staff were so helpful and always available to make sure me and my husband were having a great time! Lots of activities available, I personally loved the snorkeling! Locals living on Huraa are also very welcoming. Would love to visit again someday!” Lucie was always very prompt in answering my questions and I would definitely recommend her.

Jose A.H. from London, UK
I really enjoy my time in Huraa. Thanks to the good services of Mr. Mustafa ! The room was clean the bathroom work properly, the food good and healthy a bit repetitive, the activities really good and good price i went on my own and i found i Huraa really cool people and experience thanks to jusein.

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