Sandbank trip Maldives

Sandbank is literally paradise on earth, an oasis of calm and beauty that can be found in the middle of the sea. It creates a perfect combination between amazing nature and a wonderful panorama. You will arrive here by boat and forget all your worries, because this isolated sand spit will make you feel like you are on a private island.

We will be happy to arrange a trip to the most beautiful sandbanks for you. We can also arrange a wedding ceremony, a romantic dinner with a proposal or another romantic celebration on the sandbank.

sandbank Maldives

What is a sandbank?

Sandbank is a small sandy island in the middle of the ocean. Most sandbanks are formed only at low tide. At high tide, they hide under the water surface. The size of the sandbank is usually only a few tens of meters in length and a few meters in width.

Sandbank Maldives photo

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Visiting a sandbank in the Maldives is a unique experience, offering a serene and almost surreal environment. These temporary sandy islets emerge from the sea, providing a stunning natural setting for various special occasions. We specialize in organizing memorable events like wedding ceremonies, romantic dinners, or celebrations on these pristine sandbanks, ensuring an intimate and exclusive setting for your special moments.

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