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An important choice for a Maldives holiday: the right accommodation

We are offering verified guesthouses or hotels on local islands. We have visited all of them and checked the quality and service. We have also many possitive reviews from our clients, that are mostly in CZ language as our basic website is in CZ. You can check Tripadvisor reviews, but believe us, the price together with our service is same or even lower than you will have on booking portals. If not, let us know and we can arrange.

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There are small family guesthouses with great service or even bigger hotels in our offer. We have chosen different cathegories so everyone could find the best for himself. Anyway we are offering only local islands, no resorts. That means there is no alcohol on the islands, there is bikini beach and local beach as well so you need to respect their traditions. You will surely find out it is no problem or complication at all. For alcohol lowers we have some options also – Mathiveri island has boat bar accessible and Omadhoo island has picnic island nearby where alcohol can be served. During noncovid period we can also arrange daypasses into some resorts.

Transport to the island

Main and very important part of our service is arranging of transfer. Especially these days when tourist can not use the public ferry is only shared or private speedboat an option. These need to be booked in advance by the accommodation provider. We arrange airport pick up, transfer booking and payment in advance (so you don’t need to have local currency, but pay with total bill during check in) as well as private speedboat between islands and of course the drop off as well. Most of the islands are nearby the airport so the speedboat it the best choice, however some of them, the most tropical once, are more far and therefore is intercontinental flight the best option.

Maldives Trips

Between the most favourite trips belongs doplhins safari, sandbank picnic or snorkeling with mantas and turtles. Whale shark snorkling is being offered in south located islands like Dhigurah and Omadhoo.

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Romantics Wedding

We organize romantic beach wedding for you that is not legally acceptable but it will be for sure unforgetable experience for you. And you will have wonderfull photos and certificate as reminder.


We arrange diving for you on the best diving spots in Maldives in cooperation with local diving centers. There is even offer for uncertified divers as well as diver courses.

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Big Game Fishing 

You can join professional fishermen on fully equiped fishing boat and catch the largest catches like sailfish or tunafish.

Maldives Holiday Specialists: We are a dedicated travel agency offering unparalleled experiences. With insider knowledge of top hotels on the most picturesque islands, we’ve secured exclusive rates just for you!.