FAQ Maldives

FAQ Maldives: we offer accommodation on the most beautiful islands in the Maldives. Here, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about staying in the Maldives.

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Who should visit local island?

  • Travellers who want to enjoy water-based activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing or paddleboarding
  • Budget travellers who want to see the real Maldives
  • Travellers who are keen to experience LOCAL Maldivian LIFE– Travellers who are interested in visiting a new tourism market, and supporting a growing industry that will have long-lasting benefits to the islanders
  • Adventurous travellers with younger children – the islands are safe and the local children are very, very friendly
  • Travellers who simply want to ‘tick it off the list’ and who don’t want to spend huge amount of money for resort

Who shouldn’t visit local island?

  • People who have Maldives on their bucket list – isn’t it there because of the decadent resort experience dream?
  • Who must have a near perfect bed – the beds in Maldives are smaller and harder
  • People who must have a hot shower! The hot water heaters can run out quickly or you can wait for it longer
  • People who love to drink alcohol when they vacation – there is strickt prohibition on local islands of Maldives
  • If you think value for money is essential – Prices are higher because this is a new industry in isolated places, if you don’t want to accept that, then look rather elsewhere.
  • You would find it very difficult to look past trash/rubbish – there is still some of it (as all developing countries Maldives have issues with waste management).
  • People who are particularly averse to insects, geckos and strange smells. Insects will get in, and the water used in the guest houses can have a slight smell of corals – it is not dangerous but uncomfortable for more senzitive people – you got bottle of drinking water every day that you can use for your face hygiene if you prefer it
  • Most romantic honeymooners – if you imagine your honeymoon with perfect service, gourmet food, guaranteed comfort and absolute peace of mind, then budget for a resort or choose another destination.

FAQ Maldives

Here you can read some answers for the most frequent questions about traveling to the Maldives. 

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We like your offer. What should we do for a reservation?

First at all, start looking for flight tickets – these are provided by our clients themselves. On our website, you can find helpful information how to do it. As soon as you will know your ideal term to travel, contact us with this information. Ideally, send us an email including the date when you would like to visit Maldives.

As a response, we will send you information about the availability, and the whole price offer with some other information what to do next. For a smooth process of checking your documents at the Male Airport, and also to get a free tourist visa for 30 days, you need to have a valid passport with a validity lasting at least 6 months before you flight to Maldives. Except this, you need to have a booking confirmation certificate which we will prepare for you. For a biding confirmation of your reservation, we require the payment for the booking deposit of 15 % of the accommodation price. The additional payment is paid in the hotel – you can pay by cash or a card (card payment includes international fee of 3,8 %).

What is the best time for vacation in Maldives?

Maldives is an all-year-round visited destination, so it depends only on what do you prefer and what is the best time for you. The main season, which is determined by long-term forecasts as the driest period, lasts from November to March.

The rainy season in the Maldives is in the months of May to July. According to long-term experience, these storms are such summer storms in our country, so it means rain lasting several hours, especially at night. But visiting the Maldives in the rainy season has an advantage – you will meet a minimum of tourists there.

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We would like to travel with your agency, but we don’t speak English / have only basic knowledge of English. Will we make it?

Don’t be scared, you will. Considering that we will arrange all the things in Czech before your travel, you have to deal with almost nothing when you are on your holiday. Trips and activities are the only things that our clients arrange themselves when they are actually there, because some trips are cheaper for larger groups. But if you want, we can arrange to you trips before your flight too. And if you need, we are available for you on email, WhatsApp or phone.

Is it necessary to sign a contract in your office?

No, it’s not. After you pay the deposit, we will send you a confirmation via email. After landing, this certificate is submitted at the passport control at the airport.

We’ve heard that there is Islam in the Maldives. Is it a safe country?

The Maldives is a Muslim country, therefore there are some basic rules that must be followed. The number one rule bans alcohol in local islands – it can’t be imported or brought, the only places where you can consume it are resorts and uninhabited islands. The second rule is to wear swimsuit only on the tourist bikini beach and nowhere else – neither in the centre of island, in restaurants or in cafés.

As same as for the first rule, this is not related to uninhabited islands or for example snorkeling from a boat. This whole thing is only about disturbing the residents. In a fact, the residents are very friendly and love children, who you can see well dressed, and sometimes with a beautifully made make-up while romping around at the beach. There’s no need to be worried about something. But in all cases, we recommend arranging a travel insurance.

Should we change money to local currency?

No, the currency expected from tourists is USD. However, count on the fact, that you will not find any ATMs on the islands, so it’s important to have enough cash with you. ATMs are on the Male airport and also on some larger islands. If you withdraw money from ATM in the Maldives, you will always receive only Maldivian rufiyaa. If you pay by a card, you need to count with the international fee for card paying, which is automatically added and is about 3,8 %.

ATTENTION: In the Maldives, only new $ 100 banknotes are accepted. You can recognize them by the blue protection strip. Other banknotes are without limitations.

Will we need a power adapter?

No, there are adapters or international sockets available in hotels.

electrical outlets in maldives

Is there a luggage storage at the airport?

Yes, there is a non-stop luggage storage. The price for the standard size of suitcase is 5 USD. In the capital Male, there isn’t any luggage storage, but you can store the luggage in a hotel for a small fee.

luggage storage maldives airport

Do we need any vaccination?

No, you don’t. In the Maldives, there are no compulsory vaccinations. But in a case, the Maldives are just a beginning of your journey through Asia, we recommend vaccination against jaundice and typhoid fever. However, the Maldives are a safe country. The only illness, which is sporadically appeared, is the Dengue flu against which any vaccination doesn’t exist yet. As a prevention, a repellent against mosquitos will be enough, because mosquitos are the ones who transmit the disease. You can buy a great repellent-cream called Soffell for 2 USD in almost every local shop. We have an experience, that this repellent is more functional than the ordinary Czech ones, and it smells really nice as well. From those which are available in Czech Republic we recommend Predator Forte.

What to take with us:

  • our reservation certificate – it’s usually checked at the airport together with a valid passport + you have contact
  • details on it and also some advice
  • a repellent – ideally Predator from a pharmacy
  • a headcover and sunglasses
  • a sunscreen with a strong factor (ideally 50) and moisturizing cremes after sunbathing (eventually you can buy
  • excellent creams with Aloe Vera in the local stores).
  • cotton clothing (a snorkeling t-shirt with a factor)
  • enough cash – on the Maldives there are accepted $ 100 banknotes with a new edition date with a blue line
  • a confirmation of travel insurance – if you arrange one

Is it acceptable to swim in a swimsuit on the local islands of the Maldives?

Yes, it is acceptable to swim in a swimsuit on the local islands of the Maldives, but with some conditions. Each local island typically has a designated area known as a “bikini beach,” where tourists are permitted to wear swimsuits, including bikinis. These beaches are specifically set aside for tourists and are clearly marked. Outside of these designated bikini beaches, it’s essential to dress modestly, in line with local customs, which means covering the shoulders and knees. When venturing into the local community or non-designated areas, tourists should wear appropriate clothing as a sign of respect for the local Maldivian culture and religious practices.

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What is the stance on nudity and topless sunbathing in the Maldives?

Nudism and topless sunbathing are strictly prohibited in the Maldives, including on the resort islands. The Maldives is an Islamic nation, and local customs and laws reflect its conservative values. Tourists are expected to respect these traditions. Even on designated “bikini beaches” on local islands, where wearing swimsuits is allowed, tourists should ensure they remain modestly dressed. Engaging in nudism can lead to heavy fines or even imprisonment. It’s always important to respect local customs and regulations when traveling to another country.

Is it possible to drink alcohol in the Maldives?

Yes, it is possible to drink alcohol in the Maldives, but with certain restrictions. The Maldives is an Islamic country, and the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited on local inhabited islands, including the capital, Male. However, all the resort islands are exempt from this rule. Resorts, liveaboards, and hotel islands are allowed to serve alcohol to their guests. If you are staying at a resort, you’ll have access to a variety of alcoholic beverages. Remember, it’s not permitted to bring your own alcohol into the country, and any alcohol carried by visitors will be confiscated at the airport upon arrival. Always respect local customs and regulations while enjoying your stay.

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Can you arrange scuba diving for us?

Yes, we will arrange diving for you. We offer individual dives, diving training, but also certification for diving at greater depths.

Will you also book trips for us?

Yes. If you book accommodation with us. we will provide you with the most beautiful trips and activities at the best prices. During the trips, you will be filmed and photographed on an underwater goPro camera, and you will receive the photos afterwards.

We offer trips such as swimming with a giant shark, manta rays or turtles. Dolphin watching, romantic dinners on the beach or visits to uninhabited islands.

We will provide you with the best holiday in the Maldives!