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Maldives video

Hotel Bliss Maledives

Capital City Male

Visit this wild city. Read information about the city on this page.

Sandbank Maldives video

Scuba diving in Maledives


Whale shark

Giant sharks grow to a proven length of 8 to 9 meters. Their weight is around 20 tons. Scientists say that this specific species can live to be between 80 and 130 years old, and its representatives boast light spots and stripes on their dark bodies. Their mouths are especially impressive, which can be up to 2 meters wide, and it is proven that five people could fit in it.


Departure from Huraa island



Snorkeling with turtles


Beach Wedding Maldives

We will provide you with the most beautiful wedding on the beach.


Maldives Airport

The official name of the airport is Velana International Airport.


Big game fishing Maldives


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