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About us

We are travel agency offering accommodation and other services on the most beautiful local islands of Maldives. We have been traveling through Maldives and searched the best hotels and penzions. We offer accommodation for the best possible prices.

If you need, we can advise you what island to choose or combine in case of longer vacation. 4 days on one island are recommended minimum. Of course, we do arrange transer from the airport and between the islands as well as the way back to the airport. You can choose between speedboat or domestic flight.

Our team

Lucie 100x150 Lucy
CEO of marketing
Czech, English and German speaking Guide  


WhatsApp: +420 606 566 922



Marek 100x150 Mark
Marketing agent
Czech and German speaking Guide

Once you reach Maldives, contact directly the guesthouse manager – phone number is always in top of our confirmation document.- 

Anytime before you will arrive in Male, with all your questions, please always contact our Travel Agents Lucy and Mara via E-Mail or Whatsapp!