Visit with us the most famous island in the Maldives. Maafushi Island is the true center of tourism in the Maldives. It was here that the first hotel on a local Maldivian island was opened in 2010.

Maafushi Island, Maldives While we wouldn’t necessarily count this island among our favorites, we do know whom to recommend it to.

Maafushi Maldives

Choose Maafushi Island if:

  • You’re only in the Maldives for a few days and you’re quite active – wanting daily excursions – the offerings are broad and inexpensive because they cater to large groups.
  • You’re seeking budget-friendly accommodation.
  • You need alcohol during your vacation – boats with bars on them anchor nearby, offering free rides (note: the selection is limited to beer, wine, and simple “cocktails” like vodka with cola).
  • You don’t mind hustle and bustle.
  • You want a variety of cafes and restaurants always nearby.
  • A beautiful beach isn’t your priority – the island has a small bikini beach with numerous sun loungers and umbrellas available for a fee.
  • Water sports are essential for you – a broad range of water activities is offered, with paragliders constantly flying around and scooters zipping by.
  • You wish to avoid a long boat or plane journey after landing at the Male International Airport – boats come here 5 times daily, with a journey of just about 30 minutes.

Information about Maafushi Island, Maldives:

  • The distance from Maafushi Island to the capital city, Male, is 25 km.
  • It is located in the South Male Atoll (Kaafu Atoll).
  • The size of the island is 1300 x 270 meters.
  • The island has an approximate permanent population of 3,000.
  • As on every local island, alcohol is prohibited – but there’s an option to visit an alcohol boat.

Tourism in Maafushi

If you don’t mind a higher concentration of tourists and seek an action-packed holiday with beautiful excursions at low costs, Maafushi is precisely the island for you.

Maafushi is one of the largest islands of the Kaafu Atoll, the journey by boat from Male takes about 25 minutes. The northern part of the island belongs to tourists. Here you will find many hotels, a bikini beach, shops and restaurants. In the center of the island there is a school, a mosque, the administrative center of the island and a football field. There is a prison on the southern tip of the island. There is a bikini beach on the island intended for tourists.

Because there are many hotels on the island, the beach is often crowded, especially in the high season from November to March. Maafushi is quite different from other islands in the Maldives, you won’t find so many hotels on one island on any other island. You won’t find the peace and privacy you find on other islands in the Maldives at Maafushi.

An ATM is available on the island.

ATM Maafushi Maldives

Transport to island

To get to Maafushi island from the airport, you can either take a Speedboat or use the Ferry Service. While many tourists opt for the Speedboat due to its speed and availability, the ferry offers a much more affordable option.

Bikini beach Maafushi

Maafushi Island in the Maldives boasts a number of serene beaches. The shores, characterized by soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, offer a tranquil escape. While the island isn’t the largest or the most secluded in the Maldives, its beaches are popular for water activities such as snorkeling and diving. However, it’s important to note that Maafushi is a local island, so visitors are reminded to dress modestly when not on designated bikini beaches.

Video from Maafushi Island

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