Swimming with turtles

Turtles Maldives – an unforgettable experience. Do you want to snorkel with turtles in the Maldives? You are on the right website. We know the places where they occur

Important rule, don’t touch the turtles! there is no need to fear them. If you observe them from a safe distance, nothing can happen to you or the turtle.

As you can see in the photos, it is not necessary to snorkel deep, basic snorkelers will see them.

turtles maldives

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Interesting facts about turtles, did you know that…?

  • nesting season is the only time female terns come onto land and leave the ocean?
  • sea turtles are a more than 100 million year old group of reptiles adapted to life in the ocean?
  • the population of all species of turtles is declining very rapidly today?
  • adult sea turtles in the ocean have almost no natural enemies?
  • the sex of the young is determined by the temperature during incubation. Do higher temperatures produce females and lower temperatures produce males?
  • the main food component is sea sponges, thus fulfilling a unique role for the proper functioning of coral reef ecosystems (they influence the composition, structure and species diversity)?
  • tortoise is called Velaa in the local Divehi language?

Turtle rescue project

We support the turtle rescue project. Our commitment extends to the vital turtle rescue project, aimed at protecting and rehabilitating endangered sea turtles. Through this initiative, we contribute to the preservation of these magnificent creatures, ensuring they continue to thrive in their natural habitats. Our support helps fund rescue efforts, medical treatment, and conservation research, making a tangible difference in the survival of sea turtles. Join us in championing the cause of these ocean ambassadors, safeguarding their future for generations to come.

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