Thoddoo Maldives – on the Atoll Ari, there lies such a wonderful green island with a white 400 metres long beach for tourists. This island is called Thoddoo, and we can find it 65 km on the west of the capital city Male with an international airport. On the island there live about 1.300 stable residents who ern a living especially by tourism, fishing and exporting fruit a vegetable as watermelons or papaya. A third of 2 km2, the total island area, is occupied by agriculture.

Thoddoo Maldives

There are 3 cafés in Thoddoo. The first one is located near the port and mostly you can find the local people there. The second one is close to the football field and the prices are quite higher. The third café was built especially for the tourists and it lies a little bit far from the inhabited area. But to get there is definitely worth it, because the prices are lower, and the surroundings are also magical. Each table is separated and surrounded by verdancy.

Thoddoo Island Maldives

In the island, there are two diving centres which offer water skiing, parasailing and other. Inasmuch as Maldives are a Islamic country, there are two mosques whereas one of them was built by an owner of a nearby resort. It’s supposed to be the largest mosque from all of the local Maldivian islands. As it’s standard on the other islands, you can find a school, a children playground, a hospital and also the football field there.

The boast of Thoddoo is a beautiful beach where is a perfect place for snorkelling. When you pull your head under water you will see huge corals with schools of fish around them and probably there will be turtles too. By an entrance of the beach, there is also a small tent bar with some fresh fruit, coconuts, and drinks.

Thoddoo Maldives beach

In several stores you can buy basic food, fruit or drugstore goods. Most of those are small stores where rupees and American dollars are taken and some of them offer pay by a card.

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Accommodation in Thoddoo

The guesthouse is located in the centre of Thoddoo. It’s one of the closest hotels to the tourist beach while it takes about 10 – 12 minutes to get there by foot. The hotel has 9 rooms most of them are double-bedded and some are one-bedded. The rooms are new, spacious, light and clean with a big bathroom, shower with warm water and large comfortable beds. Everyday the charladies make cleaning of the rooms and they also change towels. You just find there everything you need. The reception is non-stop opened and is served by English talking staff.

receptions guesthouse Thoddoo

You can choose variant of a stay with a breakfast, half-board or full-board. The variety of food consists especially of traditional Maldivian meals – for example fresh fish, rice, vegetable, pasta, chicken meals and so on. Drinks consumed with the melas are for free. Wi-fi is free of a charge and runs well which is unusual on local island. In a hotel you can pay by a card, but you need to know there is a 3,5 % bank tax while paying this way.

The standard room equipment includes:

  • quite air conditioning
  • towels in a bathroom
  • beach towels
  • shower cream and shampoo
  • kettle (tea, coffee)
  • mini fridge


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Our guests on Thoddoo

Accommodation prices 2 ppl

December – February95 USD115 USD135 USD
March, April80 USD100 USD120 USD
May – July57 USD77 USD96 USD
August – October65 USD85 USD105 USD
November80 USD100 USD120 USD

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