We are travel agency offering local islands and also resort in Maldives. We can arrange for you verified accommodation and other services on the most beautiful local islands of Maldives. We have been traveling through Maldives and searched the best hotels and guesthouses with friendly service and great gastronomy. Thanks to our longterm partnership we are able to offer you accommodation for the best possible prices.

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If you need, we can advise you what island to choose or combine in case of longer vacation. 4 days on one island are recommended minimum. Of course, we do arrange transfer from the airport and between the islands as well as the way back to the airport. You can choose between speedboat or domestic flight, sometimes local ferry.

Travel agency Maldives

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Our team

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Travel agency Maledives – our story

We are a married couple from Czech Republic. We first flew to the Maldives at the end of 2013. At that time, Lucie was working for Lufthansa airline. Only thanks to employee tickets we could afford to fly to such exotic destinations. We have visited Thailand, Bali and other countries but Maldives captured our hearts forever.

First Visit of Maldives

First time we have visited Maldives in 2013. Tourism on local islands was not yet developed. There were only a few guesthouses in the entire Maldives and a hotel on Maafushi island. We stayed on Huraa island, which is located near the capital of the Maldives – Male.

The owner of the guesthouse is named Mustafa. We were the first guests of his small guesthouse with three rooms. His approach to tourists was exceptional. He dedicated all his time to us and we quickly became friends. He asked us if we could help promote his guesthouse. We agreed, and at the beginning of 2014, our travel agency Maldives Huraa Island was born.

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Our First Partner in the Maldives

We offered one guesthouse Initially, we focused only on promoting the guesthouse on Huraa island. It was a very pleasant time during which we gained a lot of experience.

Complete Offer

Once we discovered other, more beautiful islands and the quality services of other hotels and guesthouses, we decided to change our concept. We began collaborating with more partners. Currently, we offer 25 of the most beautiful local islands in the Maldives. We continually update our offer. We add new, interesting hotels and guesthouses. We remove others from our list when the quality changes.

Resort Offer

Another important step in the development of our agency was signing a representation agreement with Villa Resorts. Since the beginning of 2023, we can offer accommodation in their resorts.

At present, thanks to our long-standing contacts with Maldivian partners, we can provide everything the Maldives has to offer for our clients.

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Our Trips to the Maldives

We regularly return to the Maldives for inspection business trips. We’ve truly experienced a lot there. From our longest, honeymoon trip, we brought back our son Richard. In 2019, our daughter Eva joined our team. Our latest visits to the Maldives took place in March and September 2022.

We are planning another business trip in October 2023.

 We will ensure you will experience the best that the Maldives have to offer