Huraa island is situated in one of the Northern atolls, where is the best surfing time May – October, cause of the South-West monsoon period and the offshore wind. There are total 15 breaks for INTERMEDIATE surfers, best wind is the southwest one. The typical madivian wave rolls up like most point breaks with workable corners, fun pockets and long rides. Very rarely will the sets wall up or close out the channels. The waves break on mostly dead reef, and very rarely will you come in contact with it unless you are surfing on a very low tide.

Maldives surfing points:

 Chickens – Cokes – Sultans – Honkeys – Jailbreaks – Lohis – Pasta Point – Ninjas

Maldives Surfing Photo gallery:

Maldives Surfing Video:

Boat rent 25USD 1 day, 1 person

Surfboard rent 25USD 1 day, 1 person


EXTRA OFFER  – Surfing package

100 USD for 1 person, including:

Accommodation in our Guesthouse for 1 night

Breakfast and snacks during day 

Drinking water, tea and coffee during day

Surfboard rental

Transfers to surfsports and back

FULL DAY Dhoni surftrip 6AM-6PM 



Do you want to learn how to surf? We offer one day training with surfer on Ninjas point, boat rent and surf rent with surfing twice a day – 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening for total 100USD.


Surpoints and Informations about them:

Chickens – left – 8-10ft – Advanced Ability- Northwest swell – Kuda Vilingili

Cokes – right -4-8t – Advanced Ability – Northwest swell –  Thulusdhoo island

Sultans – right – 4-8ft – Medium Ability – Northeast swell – boat acces only –  Thamburudhoo

Honkeys – left – 2-8ft – Advanced Ability – Southeast swell – Thamburudhoo

Jailbreaks – right – 4-9ft – Medium Ability – Northeast swell – fast one – Himmafushi

Lohis – left – 2-10ft – Medium Ability – Southeast swell – near Lohifushi Resort private

Pasta Point – left – 4-8ft – Medium Ability – Northeast swell – consistent – Chaya resort private

Ninjas – right – 3-6ft – Beginners Ability – Northwest swell – near Kanifinolhu resort


Another activities:

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