• Travellers who want to enjoy water-based activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing or paddleboarding
  • Budget travellers who want to see the real Maldives
  • Travellers who are keen to experience LOCAL Maldivian LIFE– Travellers who are interested in visiting a new tourism market, and supporting a growing industry that will have long-lasting benefits to the islanders
  • Adventurous travellers with younger children – the islands are safe and the local children are very, very friendly
  • Travellers who simply want to ‘tick it off the list’ and who don’t want to spend huge amount of money for resort


  • People who have Maldives on their bucket list – isn’t it there because of the decadent resort experience dream?
  • Who must have a near perfect bed – the beds in Maldives are smaller and harder
  • People who must have a hot shower! The hot water heaters can run out quickly or you can wait for it longer
  • People who love to drink alcohol when they vacation – there is strickt prohibition on local islands of Maldives
  • If you think value for money is essential – Prices are higher because this is a new industry in isolated places, if you don’t want to accept that, then look rather elsewhere.
  • You would find it very difficult to look past trash/rubbish – there is still some of it (as all developing countries Maldives have issues with waste management).
  • People who are particularly averse to insects, geckos and strange smells. Insects will get in, and the water used in the guest houses can have a slight smell of corals – it is not dangerous but uncomfortable for more senzitive people – you got bottle of drinking water every day that you can use for your face hygiene if you prefer it
  • Most romantic honeymooners – if you imagine your honeymoon with perfect service, gourmet food, guaranteed comfort and absolute peace of mind, then budget for a resort or choose another destination.


Is it possible to visit more islands during the holiday?

Yes, we can arrange it for you and recommend the best options of transfer in between the islands. The closest islands to each other have option of private speedboat transfer and otherwise is recommendable to travel via Male with the shared speedboats. 

It is possible to be/swim on the local islands in a BIKINIS?
Yes, there is bikini beach on each of the island we offer – where is swimming and sunbathing in swimsuit allowed. Everywhere else is necessary to wear at least dress or T-shirt and shorts.

Nudism is prohibited in the Maldives.

What are the terms of PAYMENT in case of booking?
Unless otherwise agreed, payment conditions are as follows: about 15% of the accommodation price paid in advance by Paypal or Account transfer, the remaining amount in cash or credit card in US dollars. 

It is possible to TRAVEL to nearby islands?
Yes, we offer many trips to deserted islands nearby.

If you want to travel by yourself, you have to check the schedule of MTCC ferries in advance. It is complicated and unsure..mostly there is no connection on the same day there and back unfortunately. 

Is it possible to visit resort islands ?

Yes, but just official with previous booking of the stay – daypass or nightpass. Best offer is from Huraa island: 

RESORT ISLAND, we can arrange DAY PASS, valid 9AM – 5PM with all inclusive. The price is 120USD per person , including transport.

In case you are interested in EVENING RESORT visit only with alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks included, we can arrange is for you in Chaya resort for 60USD per person only, 8PM – 12PM.

Is it possible to EXCHANGE currency and use ATMs?
Maldivian currency is the rupee, but USD are accepted everywhere. ATMs (where you can withdraw only the local currency) and currency exchange office can be found only at the airport and in the capital city, Male. Therefore, recommendable is to have enough USD cash.

Are there available ALCOHOLIC beverages on the local islands of Maldives?
No, alcohol consumption is prohibited on local islands. 

In Maldives is alcohol allowed only in tourist resorts and uninhabited islands. At the airport run import checks of the baggages – prohibited substances like alcohol, pork or pornographic material are taken and import of such stuff can result in fine or even prison.

Alcohol can be arranged on safari boats or small islands if you order it in advance (oriental prices: $ 5 per beer and $ 40 per bottle of wine)

Best option for those who can not imagine holiday without alcohol is resort visit.

Are there SNORKELING opportunities?
Yes, Maldives are famous with their underwater life. You can snorkel even right from the beach of some islands: best are Omadhoo, Ukulhas and Thoddoo. 

On other islands is best option joining of the offered boattrips – coral reef snorkeling, Christmas tree point snorkeling, Coral garden snorkeling, Turtles snorkeling, Sharks snorkeling and many others.

Are there electroADAPTERS and TOWELS or toilet paper in the rooms?
Yes, adapters are available – 1 peace in each room, towels and toilet papers are given also and changed or added up to your request. Hotels have also shampoos and shower gels, guesthouses normally not. 

Are there any SHOPS and RESTAURANTS on local islands?
Yes, there are several small shops with basic food and a few souvenyrshops always.

Restaurants are especially on touristic islands. Mostly is the best option to choose the full board option in your accommodation. Just Huraa offers now just breakfast option. 

Is there some LUGGAGE STORE possibility on the airport ?
Yes, there is nonstop luggage store center. Price for the storage of standard size suitcase is 5 USD.


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