Mantas snorkeling

Are you intrigued by the opportunity to snorkel alongside the majestic creatures often known as “devil fishes”? Let us guide you to the serene waters where you’re guaranteed to encounter these gentle giants up close. Despite their daunting nickname, there’s nothing to fear; these magnificent manta rays glide gracefully through the ocean, offering a truly awe-inspiring experience. Join us for an unforgettable adventure where the wonders of the marine world await you.

Snorkeling with Mantas Maldives

Snorkeling with Mantas

  • Season is between June – October (July, August are the best)
  • Almost indescridable experience
  • Plankton feeders
  • Grace flying moves, gently soaring through the lagoon
  • Size of mantas is about 3,5 – 4 meters in wing span
  • Manta name is from spanish, meaning blanket
  • Giant manta rays are declared by IUCN as vulnerable with elevated risk of extinction

Photo Manta Snorkeling Maldives:

Manta Rays in the Maldives

Video Manta Maldives