Rules for the use of drones in the Maldives

Drone rules Maldives: unmanned aerial vehicles, often referred to as drones, are becoming more popular, affordable and widespread. Drones are not only used for entertainment, they are also used for many practical purposes. People also take them on holiday and the Maldives is no exception.

drone rules maldives

Drones in the Maldives

The use of drones is restricted in the Maldives, so here are the rules to follow. First of all, it is important to know that drones are regulated in the Maldives by the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aviation Authority. These authorities have issued rules to ensure the safe use of drones and minimize risks to local residents and tourists.

To legally use a drone in the Maldives, a drone license must be obtained. The permit can be obtained on the official website of the Ministry. Drones are not allowed to be used in the Maldives without a permit.

Drone Rules Maldives

  • To legally fly a drone in the Maldives, you must obtain approval from the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) and a permit from the MCAA.
  • Only fly in daylight and in good weather conditions
  • Do not fly above 120 meters (400 feet)
  • Do not fly near airports or in areas where aircraft fly.
  • Don’t fly over people.
  • Do not fly near military installations, power plants, or other areas that may cause concern to local authorities.
  • Find out about the restrictions on flying in a specific place – the island.

Air transport of drones

First of all, you need to find out about the rules of the airline, because each company has its own rules. For example, some companies may require the drone to be transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft and not on board.

In general, drones must be transported in a safety package that protects the drone and its batteries from damage. Drone batteries must be secured so that they do not come into contact with other objects during transport, which could cause a fire.


It is very important to ensure that the drone is turned off during transport. Ideally, the drone’s battery should also be disconnected.

Some drones may be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are considered dangerous. In this case, the rules for transporting these batteries must be observed. For example, batteries must be transported as special goods and labeled correctly.

All applicable laws and regulations in the destination country should be followed when transporting drones. For example, some countries may require that drones be registered or that special permits be secured for their use.

Some airlines (especially low-cost ones) completely prohibit the transportation of drones.

The use of drones in the Maldives is particularly complicated due to the seaplanes that transport tourists to local islands and resorts. Seaplanes fly at low altitudes and drones pose a real risk to them.

Most resorts in the Maldives prohibit the use of drones. The main reasons are security and privacy.

Photo of Drones in the Maldives

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