We are Travel Agency

Our travel agency offer best accommodation on beautiful local islands in Maldives.

We have started with Huraa island, but nowadays is our islands offer much bigger – everyone can choose! 


Our travel agency started to offer Huraa island as the first one local island in 2014. We do offer the guesthouse there till today as the island is very close to the Male airport and you can reach it anytime a day by private speedboat. Also it is very good location for surfers with many nearby surfspots. And for those who want to enjoy luxury of resort without paying the full amount we can arrange there daypasses to the neighborough resorts. 

Anyway, many tourists want to have a chance to snorkel from the beach, snorkel with mantas or whalesharks, enjoy higher standard of accommodation or visit more touristic islands or opossite small islands with minimum of tourists, we have decided to enlarge our offer. 

So you can choose between more beautifull islands – from north to south.

Our Islands:


  • guesthouse, TOP beach, minimum of tourists, transfer 2 hours by speedboat 40 USD per person


  • hotel, minimum of tourists, ship wrecks, tranfer 1,5 hours by SB 35 USD pP


  •  guesthouse, big green island, lot of fruits, beach snorkeling, touristic island, nearby       picnic islands, transfer by SB 1,5 hours 35 USD pP


  • hotel (family apartments, balconies), touristic island, rich international buffet, beach snorkeling, whaleshark and mantas snorkeling, transfer by SB 1,5 hours 40 USD pP


  • guesthouse, minimum of tourists, own sandbank, stingray beach, transfer by SB 2 hours 50 USD pP


  • small family guesthouse, TOP beach snorkeling, nearby sandbanks, whalesharks, tranfser by SB 2 hours 25 USD pP


  • hotel (jacuzzi, gym, family apartments, balconies), high quality restaurant, minimum of tourists, longest beach and own sandbank, transfer by SB 2 hours 60 USD pP


  • hotel with beachview, sharkpoint, minimum of tourists, transfer by SB 1 hour 40 USD